Plant Spirit

I call this needleless acupuncture. I work with 5 element acupuncture, which is listening to the pulses, which tell us where there are blockages betwen meridians within our body. When I go to these points, I use my hands and I place drops under the tongue of the client. These drops cannot be purchased over the counter. They are sacred drops given to me by my teacher, Marlow Brooks.


Some of the plants that participate in this healing are shown on this page. Each plant has particular powers which may apply to a given condition.

You must study this work in order to receive these drops.  I work with the spirit of a particular plant. In so doing, I was trained to determine what each plant specializes in by taking an underground journey to the Spirit of the Plant in question. In trance, I ask my power animal to take me to a particular Spirit of a particular plant. When I journey there I respectfully introduce myself and tell the Spirit I am from the human realm and that I am there to learn about that Plant Spirit’s medicine in order to help humanity. The Plant Spirits are most often generous and cooperative. When I have established a relationship with a particular Plant Spirit, I bring back the knowledge to the human realm and use it in my clinical setting. If I diagnose the person’s constitution correctly and ask a plant representative of that element to enter a person’s being, the person will immediately feel more alive. The client will experience:

  • A feeling of well being
  • Energy movement within the body
  • Release of blockages
  • Working through old patterns

My teacher, Marlow Brooks, has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado and teaches this work at Naropa University also in Boulder. Marlow and I had met in 1996, when we both were living in Vermont. I began working with her and within one year I had a wonderful transformation, so profound that I wanted to learn the healing.

Commonly Asked

Can anyone do plant spirit healing?

No, you must be trained by a certified plant spirit teacher.

Can I buy the drops over the counter?

No, they are handed down from a trained teacher to student The drops are sacred.

Does it take a long time to heal?

It could be one session to a few to a continuation over along period of time

Where do plant spirits come from?

It is an established relationship I have with plants locally to the area that I am in.