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Trauma First Aid-SherriRosenHealing.Com

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During these days of Agent Orange’s reign, we all need to make sure besides #Resist, we need to take care of ourselves.  Here are 10 helpful ways we can apply Trauma First Aid:

  1.  Limit yourself to 10 minutes of news daily.
  2.  Don’t talk about it so much. You keep retraumatizing yourself.
  3.  Take yourself out for a walk if you feel anxious.
  4.  Meditate-If you have never done it before now is the time to do it.
  5.  Talk. Reach out to a friend or someone you trust.
  6.  When taking a shower. Take the shower handle and tap each part of your body with the water. Many of us disconnect from our body and feelings and the tapping of the water to each part of your body is a great way to reconnect to it.
  7.  Get medical checkups just to make sure that what you are experiencing is something that is physically wrong with you.
  8.  Take yourself to a funny film.
  9.  Don’t be around folks who are always doom and gloom.
  10.  Take a break from the internet.