Sherri Rosen

Welcome to my site and information regarding the healing work that I do in Somatic Experiencing, Healing Trauma, Plant Spirit Medicine, Needle-less acupuncture  and working with energy blocks.

  • I am an Interfaith Minister that can do spiritual counseling.
  • I was an Interfaith Minster on my Ministry page at Tribeca Spiritual Center for 7 years, in lower New York.
  • I volunteered and worked with Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients in a group I had for 3 years at the Tribeca Spiritual Center.
  • We had services for the entire downtown community and Brooklyn every other week in a senior residence in lower Manhattan. The creator of the Center was Rev. William Grant, who was amazing and has since passed away. A big loss to all of us.

“Sherri is a wonderful guide for someone engaged in a path of healing. She brings both invaluable life experience and an incredible love of life and people. As a healer, she follows the client, allowing her/his natural intelligence to come out. Sherri is unafraid of herself and so can help others to uncover their genuine confidence and openness. Sherri is a rare and precious gem whose friendship and wisdom I’ve cherished for over 20 years. ”

– Rachael Q. Timberlake, L.Ac.

“Doing the somatic experiencing work was amazing. I definitely felt increased energy, confidence, and release of fears from my sessions with Sherri. I would highly recommend this type of healing work for anyone who feels trapped by overwhelming fear and anxiety. The feeling of freedom and increased energy it brings is well worth it. The things I have learned about myself have been amazing and continue to stick with me and help me every day. And Sherri is a kind and caring practitioner who has nothing less than her clients’ best interest at heart. Her strong sense of patience and compassion made me feel safe and appreciated. I really felt supported and taken care of by her healing guidance and presence.”

– Amy R., Edison, New Jersey